Elevate your mental acuity with LUV Mind Gummies, a premium health supplemented crafted to enhance your focus, memory, brain function, and energy. Experience the all-encompassing benefits this organic blend of organic function mushrooms, formulated to strengthen your cognitive well-being with every bite.

What's Inside:

Savor 30 organic and delicious berry-flavored fruit gummies, each epitomizing the highest standards of quality. LUV Mind Gummies proudly feature 15,000mg of USDA Certified Organic Functional Mushrooms (Non-Psychoactive) in every bottle, unlocking your full cognitive potential.

  • Lion's Mane for unparalleled mental acuity.
  • Chaga for effortlessly entering a 'flow state.'
  • Reishi for stress and anxiety alleviation.
  • Cordyceps for elevating physical performance.

Why It's Exceptional:

LUV Mind Gummies encapsulates nature's most potent active ingredients to one-a-day fruit gummy designed for:

  • Maintaining mental sharpness, focus, and unleashing creativity at will
  • Achieving optimal performance for your best work
  • Alleviating daily stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing energy levels, immunity, and overall physical and mental well-being


  • Each bottle undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring the highest standards of product consistency, quality, and purity.
  • Crafted without the use of harmful additives or unnecessary chemicals.
  • Embracing an eco-friendly ethos, our process is seed to bottle sustainable, harmonizing with nature's rhythm
  • Vegan-friendly, Non-gelatin, Gluten-free, and crafted with care.